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Introducing REFDoor

I had several sources of inspiration when working on Darkness 2.0’s simple “DRS” scripting language, from some specific dialects of BASIC to good old MS-DOS Batch. In the end, it most closely resembles a combination of the Exitilus Quest Scripting language (EQS) and RTSoft‘s “REF” scripting language. Syntax aside, REF was definitely the bigger influence… Read More »

About Darkness

Darkness is a competitive multi-player action role-playing BBS “door” game based on the Legend of the Red Dragon style of game play, featuring a post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting. First released in publicly in 2000 with a wide beta release of v1.00, development on Darkness stalled out in 2001. Now, 20 years later (in 2020) Darkness… Read More »