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REFDoor 1.2 Release

I’m publicly releasing version 1.2.0 of my REFDoor REF scripting engine door today! This release contains all kinds of bug fixes, some new commands, and a slew of behind the scenes optimizations and improvements including changes which should greatly improve REFDoor’s performance when running on retro hardware. The most notable under the hood change is… Read More »

Introducing REFDoor

I had several sources of inspiration when working on Darkness 2.0’s simple “DRS” scripting language, from some specific dialects of BASIC to good old MS-DOS Batch. In the end, it most closely resembles a combination of the Exitilus Quest Scripting language (EQS) and RTSoft‘s “REF” scripting language. Syntax aside, REF was definitely the bigger influence… Read More »

About Darkness

Darkness is a competitive multi-player action role-playing BBS “door” game based on the Legend of the Red Dragon style of game play, featuring a post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting. First released in publicly in 2000 with a wide beta release of v1.00, development on Darkness stalled out in 2001. Now, 20 years later (in 2020) Darkness… Read More »